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About Holograph

About Holograph


Holograph is an omnichain tokenization protocol. Issuers use Holograph to mint natively composable tokens that can be transferred across blockchains without wrapping.

When building onchain, an important question arises: On what chain do you deploy your tokens? This can be a hard question to answer, especially with so many different chains to choose from. With Holograph, the answer is simple: deploy on all of them.

Holograph allows issuers to tokenize on multiple chains. The protocol ensures that token addresses are consistent across all chains, simplifying asset management for developers and providing a smooth experience for users.

Migrating token contracts from one chain to another is laborious and time-consuming. Holograph streamlines the process, enabling issuers to quickly deploy on new chains. This unlocks token interoperability, promotes liquidity, and encourages interactions across various ecosystems.

Holograph provides a suite of omnichain tokenization infrastructure.