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Holograph XP FAQ

Holograph XP FAQ


What is Holograph XP?

Earn XP by deploying, minting, and bridging NFTs on Holograph App.

How is XP earned?

XP is earned per unique action:

  • Deploy NFT collection
  • Mint single NFT
  • Mint multichain open edition NFT
  • Bridge NFT

How does ranking work?

Rank is based on XP earned over the previous 24 hour period. Only the top 500 participants will receive a rank.

How does the multiplier work?

Participants can multiply their 24h XP by appearing at the top of the rankings, based on the table bellow. The multiplier applies to the base XP earned over the previous 24 period. The amount displayed in the leaderboard is base 24h XP times the multiplier, based on the participant's rank.

1 - 102.5x
11 - 252x
26 - 501.5x
51 - 1001.2x
100 - n1x

How often is the leaderboard updated?

The leaderboard is updated every 24 hours.