Cross-Chain NFT Arbitrage
Cross-Chain NFT Arbitrage will enable traders to profit from the slight differences in the price of NFTs listed on marketplaces across different chains.
Simply put:
  • Buy NFT at a lower price on Chain A
  • Bridge NFT
  • Sell NFT at a higher price on Chain B
  • Profit the difference
Here’s an example:
  • Buy WonderfulDay Tiger NFT listed at 3 BNB on BSC
  • Bridge NFT to Fantom
  • Sell WonderfulDay Tiger NFT for 2,427 FTM on Fantom
  • Earn 81 FTM in profit
Cross-chain arbitrage will catalyze volume on less liquid chains. Over time, NFT prices will arrive at a true fundamental value, resulting in overall greater market efficiency as prices converge between chains.
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