Mint-Specific Chains
Mint-Specific Chains refers to the process of deploying a private EVM chain to facilitate an NFT drop and then bridging those NFTs to a public blockchain for buyers to access marketplace liquidity.
Simply put:
  • Deploy a private EVM chain
  • Mint NFTs
  • Bridge NFTs to L1 or L2 to access market liquidity
Here’s an example:
  • Supreme wants to mint NFT memberships
  • Supreme deploys their own private EVM chain with minimal fees & fast tx times
  • Users mint NFTs, which avoids gas wars & network congestion
  • Users bridge NFTs to Ethereum
  • Users sell NFTs on OpenSea
  • Supreme collects perpetual on-chain royalties from secondary sales
Enterprises and brands need a blockchain solution that provides a stable development environment, mitigates financial risk, interoperates with multiple blockchains, and unlocks asset liquidity.
Deploying a mint-specific chain will enable enterprises and brands to scale their NFT drops without clogging the blockchain and running up gas fees.
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