Omnichain Marketplace
An Omnichain Marketplace will enable users to collect and trade NFTs from various chains without having to switch networks & manage multiple native gas tokens.
Simply put:
  • One user interface will provide access to all available NFTs across all chains
  • Buy & sell NFTs without switching networks or bridging NFTs
  • A user will not need to know which chain an NFT is listed on
Here’s an example:
  • Connect wallet to Omnichain Marketplace
  • Browse collections on multiple networks
  • Buy NFT on BSC
  • Pay gas with MATIC
An omnichain marketplace will do for NFTs what Amazon did for physical retail commerce by unifying buy-side and sell-side liquidity in a single user interface.
Such a marketplace would vastly improve the user experience of buying and selling NFTs, & catalyze a new wave of market participants.
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