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Universal Token Frameworks

A Universal Token Framework (UTA) is a set of rules that define how tokens can be minted, sent, and received across blockchains. Common properties of UTAs include:

  • Available on multiple chains
  • Allows asset issuers to retain custody of their contracts
  • Offers flexible security parameters
  • Maintains a unified supply across chains
  • Adheres to common standards
  • Leverages burn and mint

UTAs have become known by many names, including omnichain tokens, interchain tokens, and multichain tokens, among others. These different names are largely a function of branding. On a technical level, although different UTAs make different tradeoffs, they essentially solve for the same problem. Holograph uses omnichain to describe the protocol's overall function, while using holographic to describe contracts and tokens produced by the protocol. Holograph defines holographic assets as fungible and non-fungible tokens that exist natively on any blockchain.