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Why Holograph

At present, blockchain ecosystems operate as isolated sovereignties. As more and more blockchains come online, fragmentation will continue to get worse, hindering network effects and creating undesirable user experiences.

Holograph solves this by allowing asset issuers and users to interact with tokens on multiple chains, unlocking interoperability, unifying liquidity, and improving cross-chain user experiences.

Tokens minted by the protocol contain the following properties:

  • Preserve Fungibility: Holograph enables tokens to move between blockchains while maintaining the same contract address, allowing asset issuers to easily index cross-chain data.
  • Unify Liquidity: Holograph’s burn and mint transport process unifies token supply across multiple chains, enabling tokens to move cross-chain without fracturing liquidity.
  • Retain Sovereignty: Tokens minted with Holograph are not locked in to any specific chain, allowing asset issuers to maintain control over where and how they are deployed and minted.