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Holograph CLI


Holograph CLI enables holographic assets to be created, deployed, minted, and bridged via a command line interface. It also enables participation as an operator in Operator Network. Operator Network (currently on testnets only) is a network of ecosystem participants who execute bridge transactions on behalf of users. This reduces user friction when bridging tokens by minimizing the number of transactions needed to complete the bridging process, by removing the need to switch networks, and by removing the need to use multiple native tokens.

To participate in Operator Network, operators bond HLG, the protocol’s native token, for the right to execute bridge transactions. The probability of getting selected to execute a job is based on the number of tokens bonded - the more tokens bonded, the higher the probability of selection. Operators who successfully execute jobs earn transaction fees. Operators who fail to execute jobs will have a number of their bonded tokens slashed.

The CLI is designed to listen for, select, and execute bridge transactions. An operator must configure the CLI on every blockchain they want to execute jobs.

To operate, participants must:

  • Download, install, configure, & run Holograph CLI
  • Select a blockchain to operate
  • Deposit the selected blockchain's native gas token
  • Bond HLG to a pod
  • Execute bridge transactions when selected