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Quickstart Setup


Node Version > 18.0.0


npm install -g @holographxyz/cli

Validate Installation

Once installed, you will be able to access the CLI as holograph. To validate that the CLI is installed, run which hologaph in your terminal. You should see a directory output for the Holograph terminal command.

Help Command

You can view extra details about a command by adding the --help flag. This includes nested commands.

  1. holograph config --help
  2. holograph config:user --help


To run commands you will have to at least have an RPC URL for one of the supported blockchains. You can get an RCP URL from different neworks on services like Alchemy and Chainstack.

The second requirement is wallet private key and a password. We never save your private key as plaintext and require the password, so we can send transactions to the blockchain.

Configuration - Required

This command must be run before all other holograph commands. The holograph config command will walk you through setting the RPC URls and wallet. Simply follow the prompts.

  1. Which networks do you want to operate? - Select at least one network. For example fuji
  2. Enter the provider url for fuji. Leave blank to use - press enter or copy and paste an RPC url
  3. Default private key to use when sending all transactions (will be password encrypted) - Enter the private key for the wallet. Input is hidden for security reasons.
  4. Please enter the password to encrypt the private key with - Enter some password for your wallet

Sample Output


That's It

At this point you have installed and configured the Holograph CLI.