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Configuring SDK

Learn how to configure Holograph SDK for omnichain tokenization.

1. Setup Default Account Using Private Key

import { HolographAccountFactory } from "@holographxyz/sdk";

const defaultAccount = HolographAccountFactory.createAccountUsingPrivateKey(

For more information, check out the HolographAccountFactory reference.

2. Define Configuration with Networks and Accounts

import { HolographConfig } from "@holographxyz/sdk";
import { Environment } from "@holographxyz/environment";

export const holographConfig: HolographConfig = {
networks: {
ethereum: "",
polygon: "",
avalanche: "",
environment: Environment.mainnet,
accounts: {
default: defaultAccount,

For more information, check out the HolographConfig reference.

3. Initialize Wallet with Configured Account and RPCs

import { HolographWallet } from "@holographxyz/sdk";

export const wallet = new HolographWallet({
account: defaultAccount,
chainsRpc: holographConfig.networks,

For more info, check out the HolographWallet reference.

Congrats! You have configured Holograph SDK!