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Holograph Protocol offers the @holographxyz/sdk npm package, which encompasses the majority of functionalities related to the protocol. With the SDK, developers can access multiple features, such as creating contracts, minting tokens, and bridging tokens. For advanced users, the SDK enables seamless interaction with Holograph's contracts and provides various utility functions to streamline the development process.

1. Installation


@holographxyz/sdk has NOT been deployed yet!

npm install @holographxyz/sdk @holographxyz/networks @holographxyz/environment

2. Configuring Holograph SDK

To get the most out of the SDK, it is important to set it up correctly. Check out how to do it here.

Configuring Holograph SDK
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3. Using Holograph App Functionalities

Holograph App lets users deploy contracts, mint NFTs, create open editions, and bridge NFTs. To achieve these actions programmatically, check out the following tutorials.

4. Using Holograph Protocol Contracts

To make the most out of the Holograph Protocol, it is best to use Holograph's contracts directly. The SDK provides wrappers around the contracts, making it easy to integrate the contracts into any codebase.

Holograph Contracts
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